Pinoy Phototrekker

Pinoy Phototrekker Featured in Trip The Islands

Written By: Kaloy - Jun• 12•13

What change a simple email brings. A fellow blogger once asked me if he could post some of my pictures in his website because he found some in my flickr account of course I said yes. My goal is to share the beauty of the islands to anyone that is interested. To shed new light to our country and tell the world that we can be a place that people can come and visit. (more…) Pinoy Phototrekker Featured in Trip The Islands

PPT Ties the Knot

Written By: Kaloy - May• 29•13

PPT  is finally getting married and to celebrate this great news I have linked a site just for me and Roxy. you can follow the new developments on our Roxy and Kaloy Page. (more…) PPT Ties the Knot


Written By: Kaloy - Nov• 08•12

On 01-01-2009 Konsi: Cancer Survivorthe foot of mount Mayon lies a small hill overlooking the entire Legazpi – Daraga area a cool sea breeze moves the leaves of the Indian trees standing guard on the boarders of the cemetery’s edges. It’s a clear sunny day today toped only by the occasional passing rain cloud. it’s like this always in Forest Lake. Here for the first time in over 32 years I plan to spend my very first all Souls and Saints day. Observing everyone around me paying respects to there love ones I realized how it feels to be in the same spot, visiting and cleaning the graves of our dearly departed. Together with my family we observe the customs that is only practiced here in the Philippines, This year our family is unique though compared to the masses, for the grave that we are visiting has been recently filled out, the ground has yet to settle and the grass yet to grow, and on a freshly carved tombstone that reads… (more…) Konsi

A Year Later

Written By: Kaloy - Apr• 06•12

It’s been a long year since i’ve graced the pages of my blog, A lot of things had happened and allot of things have changed. Living already here in Sydney has been one ride after another. Not to mention the adjustment that I went trough… It sure is fun to write again. To My readers and followers Pinoyphototrekker is officially back. You ill get to see some new places and new reviews in the next few weeks the bogs site will be updated.

Thanks for being there always.


Taronga Western Plains Zoo

Written By: Kaloy - Apr• 02•11

Cast _MG_3312upon the open plains of the city of Dubbo, the western plains zoo of Taronga was the end goal of our 400 km north west 5 hour road trip from the city of Sydney started on a busy Friday afternoon, the weather was bright and sunny compared to drab cloudy days that preceded it. As it was already the second month of the Autumn season and at this the time leaves are already starting to turn to a golden orange and yellow. I took the day off work, packed my bags, camera equipment and loaded my laptop with fresh tunes and movies for a weekend in the country. (more…) Taronga Western Plains Zoo


Written By: Kaloy - Mar• 16•11

Finally Voodoo Sunset 003after a long time longing to see the sunset over here on the east coast of Australia. I get to bask in the final rays of sunshine on a spot that was just a few minutes away from my new home in Sydney.

(more…) Voodoo


Written By: Kaloy - Jan• 25•11

Australia _MG_2737has one of the most complex and up to date train system in the world. Though the trains are not built as fast as the ones in Japan they provide each major city in Australia a good means of transportation around the metro and it’s surrounding suburbs. (more…) Central

Soya Milk

Written By: Kaloy - Jan• 21•11

Made _MG_2732up of Soy instead of dairy products it has the came amount of protein but less carbs. (more…) Soya Milk

The Leader

Written By: Kaloy - Jan• 20•11

The _MG_2725official newspaper of St George and Sutherland Shire. The Leader is a free column that is delivered to your doorstop. (more…) The Leader

Dlink DIR-615

Written By: Kaloy - Jan• 19•11

Our _MG_2723new modem is finally installed! After a big power surge that destroyed our previous modem a week ago we finally got one that is compatible with our current internet connection. (more…) Dlink DIR-615

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