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Luzon’s Northern Loop

This Maharlika Highwayyear, the holy week came in early, covering the dates of March 28 – April 3, with the legal holidays lasting from April 1-3 everyone in the Philippine islands is setting up for the longest paid holiday of the year since Christmas. Not to be left out or left inside the Metro, Photo buddies Rman and Ryan Nepomoceno invited me over to brave the long lines of traffic from all the weekend travelers going out of the city to the provinces. Tracing the Maharlika Highway’s Northern Luzon loop Rman, Ryan and I drove 500 km north to our first stop over, the capital of Cagayan Valley, Tuguegarao city.

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Mt. San Miguel, Bataan

Organized Mt. San Miguel 108as a fund raiser by rig master, coordinator and founder of Spunky Riggers Philippines Jun Garcia, a group of 40 individuals took the challenge in participating on the first ever Mt. San Miguel rappelling challenge at Barangay Sisiman, Bataan. This place is known for the Sisiman lighthouse which is featured in local TV series such as Denis Trillio’s Gagambino and Angel Locsin’s “Lobo”. More photographers come here for the view rather than mountain climbers. But just recently the rock face is a prime site for us riggers to practice our skills and you can admit the view is quite impressive, Jun comments. Jun has 10 years of experience in rigging around the Philippines and has trained numerous riggers in the art of ropemanship.

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OffCheckout 0909 063 the coast of Balayan Bay, near the boarders of Bauan and San Luis Batangas lies a modest resort situated at the tip of what cartographers call Ligpo point. This is a place with great history especially for the seasonal visitors that come over twice a year headed by none other than Sir Louie Mencias a well renowned NAUI dive Instructor, present chairman of the Philippine Commission on Sports SCUBA Diving and head instructor of the two university based skin diving classes from both the University of the Philippines and the Ateneo De Manila University.

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Diver’s Sanctuary

Heading _MG_0224_eoff to Diver’s Sanctuary is a 3 hour ride by private car or van via the South Luzon Express Way (SLEX). Exiting out to the Santa Rosa Exit and turning RIGHT to the highway going up to Tagaytay, Turn RIGHT at the end of the road when you see the majestic Taal Volcano. Make a LEFT at the Tagaytay Rotunda and move along the highway. Your next LEFT will be about 20km along the way just right after the San Miguel rest house on your left, but before the Petron Gas station which is also on your left. This is the mountain road going to the town of Lemery. Drive on it till you reach the very end and turn LEFT on the main intersection to the Batangas provincial road. You will hit Lemery in a few minutes. Traffic permitting, take the RIGHTMOST ROAD to enter the town, upon entering you would have to drive to the very edge of the main road to another intersection this is where you will turn right, just after the bridge. Take the LEFTMOST ROAD by the church in the middle if the street this will lead you to a small guard house at the middle of the road at the very end of the road with rice fields along each side of the street. This is your marker to turn RIGHT. It’s also advisable to go down here and buy lots of bread from the local bakery; you will use this as fish food for the fishes later in your trip so buy lots of it J. The end of the road will be marked by a gym on your right and a church on your left. Turn LEFT here. You will notice that the roads will be getting smaller; you are on the right track! Driving along this service road you will be greeted by local fishermen and children all playing in the roads or in the sea. Here to your RIGHT you will find the entrance to the parking area of Diver’s Sanctuary. Your cars are safe here with 24 hour surveillance. Just park them properly so that you don’t block anyone suddenly leaving or arriving from the resort.

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Fire in the Sky

The _MG_0119night sky comes alive as participants from around the globe travel to Mall of Asia (MOA) the Philippine Islands biggest mall! Every Sunday starting from Feb 14 to March 14, 2010, two countries will light up the sky with their skills with fire and music. As this year there is one different theme… The Fireworks display should be dancing together with music for the performance. The culminating event will be presented at March 14, 2010.

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Body Art with Cha Reyes

It’s _MG_9366FINALLY MARCH!!! Students of all levels are in their final moments, feeling the pressure of reviewing for their final exams and striving to get it through one more year of studies, hoping to go on to the next level into their continued education. Each year, there is a select few that prepares even more. More so because they should very well look their best for their graduation pictures! This year my cousin Thea requested me to come up with her creative picture for her Batch 2006′s yearbook. With a canceled trip out of town and the sudden availability of Cha, a well renowned face and body artist for GMA 7, made me realize that this is what fate has in store for me this weekend :)

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