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Luzon’s Northern Loop

Written By: Kaloy - Mar• 31•10

This Maharlika Highwayyear, the holy week came in early, covering the dates of March 28 – April 3, with the legal holidays lasting from April 1-3 everyone in the Philippine islands is setting up for the longest paid holiday of the year since Christmas. Not to be left out or left inside the Metro, Photo buddies Rman and Ryan Nepomoceno invited me over to brave the long lines of traffic from all the weekend travelers going out of the city to the provinces. Tracing the Maharlika Highway’s Northern Luzon loop Rman, Ryan and I drove 500 km north to our first stop over, the capital of Cagayan Valley, Tuguegarao city.

Callao CaveAfter short tour of the city, and Callao caves we call it a night. The next day we wake up well into the morning and start of the second leg of our journey to the port town of Santa Anna and the island of Palaui. We drive along and visit the different churches along the ways and later found out that the roads going back to Manila via the Ilocos route would be faster and much better. We stay over at Eden’s Lodging house in Sta Anna for our second night. This time we wake up early for the tour on the island of Palaui. The conclusion is a shot of the light house in Cape Engaño. All that was needed now was the boat ride to the mainland and another road trip to the last city of Luzon in the mainland, Apari. From here we were already traveling around 700 km, but our trip does not stop here. Our next stop is the beaches of the Pagudpod in Ilocos Norte were we will spend our final night on the road. Easter Sunday will be spent touring the Ilocos till the time locked town of Vigan.

Our route along the Maharlika highway took us 2000 + km around the Philippines northern most territory, where we visited 11 provinces from Bulacan, Nueva Ecija, Nueva Vizcaya, Isabela, Cagayan Valley, Ilocos Norte, Ilocos Sur, La Union, Tarlac, Pampanga and finally back to Manila. Along the way we experience the best of what Luzon has to offer in terms of cuisine, sights and sounds of the local scenery and especially the best places to stay along the way.

Little did I know that after this trip I would have officially visited all the provinces of Luzon for that I would like to thank Rman Nepomoceno blogger and fellow photographer of and his brother Ryan Nepomoceno for the best road trip ever!


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• Bisita Iglesia
-     Church of Tumauini’s St. Mathias Parish
-     Ruins of San Pablo Church
-     Tuguegarao Cathedral
-     Poor Clare Monastery of the Eucharistic Lord, Iguig
-    St. James the Apostle Parish church, Iguig
-    St. Philomene Church, Alcala
-    St. Catherine of Alexandria Parish Church, Gattaran
-    St. Dominic Church, Lal-lo

• Pitstops and pasalubong
-    G&B Special Buko Pie
-    Alcala Candies

• Callao Caves,  Peñablanca Cagayan

• Camalaniugan

• Sta Anna
-    Eden’s Lodge
-    Blue Plate

• Palaui Island
-    Inter island trek
-    Mangrove Plants
-    Forest
-    Bayanihan Hall
-    Cape Engano
-    Light House

• Apari Delta

• Ilocos Norte 1
-    Pagudpod
-    Sapa ni Anton
-    Patapat Viaduct
-    Bantay agos, Hannah Cove

• Ilocos Norte 2
-    Bangui windmills
-    Light house in Burgos
-    Paoay Church

• Ilocos Sur
-    Cafe Ilocos
-    Vigan
-    Shrine of our lady of charity

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