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Written By: Kaloy - Apr• 02•10

TheKampana of Camalaniugan sleepy town of Camalaniugan plays host to the oldest bells in the country that still works, located at the church in the middle of town and just across the Cagayan River. The Bells of Camalaniuganhas stood the test of time. They were placed on the old Spanish church sitting across the Cagayan River edge named after a Polish Saint, San Jacinto de Polonia established one year after Sta Maria was forged on 1596. Time and erosion claimed the original church, now the bells have been placed on a new and modern church that is just a stones throw away from the ruins of the original church made up of bricks, the church still bears the same name as the original. The bells are still functioning and until now have called faithful churchgoers to holy mass every Sunday.

These bells are named from patron Saints tough out time. Starting from left going clockwise these are Santa Maria, Nuestra Senora de Nieva y Santa Barbara, San Tiago Apostol and San Jazinto. Out of these four bells only Santa Maria holds the tittle as the Philippines Oldest working bell. She was created on 1595 followed by San Jazinto on 1792, then the Nuestra Senora de Nieva y Santa Barbara forged on 1822 and lastly the bell of San Tiago Apostol forged on 1879. Today these bells sit side by side on the bell tower of San Jacinto de Polonia parish, ringing load and clear across time.

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