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Sta Anna

Written By: Kaloy - Apr• 02•10

The _MG_2837sleepy town of Sta Anna only houses a few attractions, aside from this being the jump off point to the virgin island of Palaui they also hold the port that caters to the northern most province on the mainland of the Philippines, Port Irene. The beaches may be great and the local wildlife is still around but there is one place that makes this town a place that you must come and visit, located at the very tip of the Philippine Islands North Eastern peninsula of Luzon. Santa Anna is the last town at the very end of the highway. The place is a favourite beach spot for the people in Cagayan Valley, divers, bird watches and tourist alike come to Santa Anna to enjoy nature.

Now that were here in this little town we just have to look for a place to stay… follow me to just around the corner to a quite little rest house and resort. Its name is Eden’s Lodging House. just a few short walk from the main road of the highway.

There are eleven rooms that are air conditioned and 3 regular rooms that are air continues :) but do not worry the prices are fair and the place is accommodating.  Owned by Eden and Bill Allin you can get a room here for the following prices.

  • P1200.00 for 3 people per room an additional of P100.00 per extra mattress, for the air-con rooms
  • P500.00 for each person staying on the rooms with out air-con.
  • They can also fetch you from the airport or bus station in Tuguegarao for an additional fee of P3000.00 per van one way. The van can hold up to 10 passengers.
  • They also offer boat transfers to the island of Palaui for a mare P2500.00 round trip for 4 people.

You may contact Eden’s at or look for ate Eden at these cell numbers +639175685235 or +639186188549

Unfortunately… the food is on demand of the guess… as they do not serve food in the resort as of the moment. They do allow food to be brought in by guess without any charge or corkage fee. Water is free and is provided by the resort.

So now you might be asking is… “Kaloy… where is a great place to eat around here?”  Now… first of all promise me you won’t back out from me. And second trust me when I say that we will be eating out in place called the Blue Plate!


Good! Let’s go! :)

Eating out on a cold night on an out of the way town would seem like least things on your mind… well trust me when I take you to this small resto by a gas station along the main road.  Fear not because believe it or not… Sta Anna also is the home to Sir Abraham “Abe” Arellano the former chef to the previous prime minister of Great Britain Margaret Thatcher. And here in the Blue Plate is the place he calls home. Take a seat and start your order you will know that the food is served hot and fast by Abe himself. While you order from his menu and we wait for the food to arrive allow me to tell you more about Abe. May I recommend the Crab and the Fish for tonight’s dinner?  ;)

_MG_2534Cooking for Kings, Queens and heads of states was not really his main goal in life. He started as an undergrad in Manuel L. Quezon University in Manila taking up Civil Engineering in the hopes of earning a decent leaving and going back to the farm to help his family. To make ends meet he worked as a food checker for Jai Alai along Taft Avenue. Working during the night and studying during the day was his daily grind. Two years later he was transferred to another prestigious restaurant the “Aristocrat”. Here he learned most of his cooking, and at that moment… he gave up his undergrad course in engineering and embraced his new love… cooking! Four years into the world of cooking earned him an invitation to chefs on parade at the Matabungkay Beach resort in Batangas. Winning was not everything for Abe though he did not win the event… he was able to spring board himself to even greater heights when the reviews came out on the local newspapers.

Like most Filipinos… Abe was lured away from the land of his birth by the opportunities presented overseas. His first job overseas was the head chef to a Sheik in Saudi Arabia. After his contract he applied for a cruise ship where he was once again head chef. This allowed him to travel the globe and learn new dishes along the way. He is now a true citizen of the globe. It has taken him more than 20 years to get to this point in his life. Now… with his savings we are very fortunate to have him set up shop here in Sta Ana.

I’s so sorry… where are my manners… I’ve taken most of your time and the food has already arrived… please dig in! ;)

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