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The Legend of Mt. Mayon

Written By: Kaloy - Jun• 18•10

Legend_MG_8726_e has it that the land of Albay was created by the Mayon volcano. A legend that has been passed from generation to generation, as old as the islands itself, when the islands were still connected via land bridges to South East Asia… Centuries before Magellan came to the name this land Philippines. There was Daragang Magayon a beautiful maiden with hair flowing like the river and as black as the raven’s feather, skin as soft as silk and a beauty that was said to be incomparable to anyone amongst all the lands of the Kabikulanan! She was the daughter of the chief of the tribe Tiong Makusog, where the only law is the law of the chief. And according to the law no outsider would ever lay hands on Daragang Magayon and court her, she would only wed someone from inside the village and pass on the legacy of the village to the next generation.

One day when Daragang Magayon was of age she went down to the river to get some water and met Panganoron, a Tagalog, who was a stranger to the village. Slowly they became friends and a the days went by they became more than friends and became lovers.

But Magayon’s beauty did not go unnoticed by the village; one by on suitors came at her with lavish gifts and would ask her to marry them. One of the most persistent and most greedy was Paratuga a spoiled, rich and selfish noble of the village. He got tired of all the times he got turned down by Magayon that one day he followed her to the river to court her; only to find out about Panganoron. In the shadows of a tree he vowed to get revenge on Magayon and at the same time get her to wed him.

Upon return to the village he told Magayon’s father Tiong Makusog about what he saw in the river, naturally Tiong Makusog was furious with Magayon for this betrayal and forbid her to go and visit the river.  But as the he saw his one and only daughter crying… his heart was soften and asked her that he will do everything in his power to make this happen.

Little did they know that Paratuga was listening to their conversations and was turned down by the change of plans? Gathering all his loyal forces he kidnaps Tiong

Makusog and hold him ransom in exchange for the hand of Magayon. The desire to see her father free was greater than the desire for her happiness and Magayon agrees to the terms of the wedding.

_MG_9239When Magayon started not to met Panganoron he got worried and started to quest for her, in time he knew of the wedding to Paratuga and the plot to hold her father hostage. For love… he went to war with Paratuga deciding to attack at the day of the wedding!

Swords classed and arrows flew, men died as the stained of blood and sweat drench the ground and colored the grass red… It came to a stand of between Panganoron and Paratuga, steel met steel as both men danced the dance of death, but as Panganoron was to claim the finishing blow… an archer posed on top of a tree locks and releases an arrow straight for Panganoron’s heart! Time seams to slowdown, Magayon sees the arrow and pushes Panganoron away… saving her life in exchange for her own… with shock in his eyes Panganoron lowers his guard, the only thing  Paratuga was waiting for. With a trust on with his sword he stabs Panganoron trough Magayon’s body! Shock with the triumph of his act Paratuga tries to remove the blade from both of them, unwilling to give up… Magayon holds the blade in place with her bare hands giving Panganoron the chance to strike Paratuga’s neck with his sword. Holding his neck with eyes wide eyed with disbelief Paratuga staggers away from the couple and dies in the grass beside them. While both Magayon and Panganoron die in a loving embrace in front of the altar upon w/c they were supposed to be married.

As an honor to both their love and the courage Panganoron has Shown the village of Kabikulania, both Magayon and Panganoron were buried together, along with the bridal reef of Magayon, they are forever locked in love even trough death.

As time passed by the mound that Magayon and Panganoron were buried in grew taller and bigger, forming a perfect cone that is said to erupt with flowing hot liquid that is said to be the source of the couples love, nourishes the surrounding fields. Thus they named the mound Mt. Mayon in honor of their fallen beauty and the town of Daraga was named also after her memory.

Both still stands to this day as a testament to the beauty and generosity of a land bath by water and purified by fire. A land i would be honored to call my birth place a land named Albay.

Getting here from the main city of Manila is very easy, you may want to take a ride on the plane that will get you to Legazpi airport in under one hour or you can take the more scenic route by land that will take you around 10 – 12 hours to get there by bus. Here you will always find that the wind is always fresh and clear as it faces the pacific coast. You will also be greeted by the majestic Mt. Mayon, the world’s most perfect active cone volcano, and along its majestic steps are the ruins of Cagsaua


Created in the year  1587-1595 by the Spiritual Administration of Cagsaua under the parish of Camalig. The ruins have stod the ravages of time as the church has gone through fires when the Dutch burned it down on July 25, 1638 but was rebuilt by the locals of Camalig under the guiding leadership of Fray Farncisco Blanco in 1724. Only to be destroyed once more by lava on February of 1814. Hundreds of parishioners died under heat and stone as they were buried alive with the wrath of Mayon.

Now the Church has become a land mark for the Province of Albay and the town of Camalig, making this one place that you would not want to miss when you visit the province. Now there is local pool that you can pay P50 for an entrance fee for the whole day and take as much pictures as you want for a small entrance fee of P10.

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