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The Past Revisited

Written By: Kaloy - Jun• 30•10

There _MG_9801_eare some things that define a decade, from the technology that’s available to the masses, the trends that people do to the clothes we ware. These are the things that define a generation. The Philippine Saya was one of these iconic symbols of the turn of the century. It was a great show of wealth and status to wear one of these clothes. Only the elite could posses the capability to wear it with style. Remembering the past and would always be the definition of who we are today and in doing so shapes our future.

This one bright day in Bulacan was one way to show the glory of what was once the best style in Philippine fashion. That would define what being Filipino really is.

The Saya is made up of fine cloth, ranging from the silks of silk worms to the cocoa, pineapple and now just recently… water lily fibber. This is the national dress of the Philippines worn by women. Deep embroidery and contrast of treads adds great texture to the dress. Originally brought by the Malays to the islands, it took a generation of seamstress to make it what it is today… an icon of the Philippine islands.

Model: Angelica Dumapit
Make up artist: Daya Sanvictores
Photography: Karlo Yap and Rman Nepomoceno
Dress by: Camp Suki

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