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Iwahig, Prison Colony

Written By: Kaloy - Jul• 23•10

When_MG_1511 is a prison not a prison? Ever since we could do wrong our parents would tell us that if you don’t straighten up you will end up in prison! A prison would be a place of iron and bars, isolated from society where individuals would pay their dept back to the community. Not SO in IWAHIG.

Here in Iwahig the prison is part of the tourist attraction, prisoners are able to mingle with the crowd, you may not be able to have pictures taken with them as this is a prison, but you can avail of taking pictures of the facilities and location. Products and souvenirs made by the prisoners are available for purchase to bring home to your friends at home. All convicts that are able to mingled with the crowd have low cases so as not to alarm the tourist.

Iwahig is unique in a sense where the prison does not have walls to speak of… all prisoners have their own land and visitors are allowed to come visit anytime. The only thing that would differentiate them from the visitors are the uniforms they are required to ware at all times. Visiting Iwahig is an experience on it’s own, The main grounds have the feel of a your local school zone, all under the watchful eye of the warden.

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