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2011 in Sydney!

Written By: Kaloy - Jan• 01•11

Welcome _MG_25702011! The new year has finally come. I raise my camera and start clicking on the first minutes of 2011. This is my first time seeing the fireworks displayed on the Sydney Harbor bridge! A new beginning and a fresh start here in the land down under.

Since my transfer here to Australia during the months of August of 2010, I have been trying to adjust to the life that I chose to lead me for the next year or two. Getting your roots uprooted and planted into new soil is always a hard task for any person or organism for that matter. Change is expected and is the only constant in the universe. What defines us is how fast you can deal with change and what you become after. I have been lost for a long time looking for who I could be in this country. A man without a goal will always walk in circles, was what an aboriginal man selling boomerangs told me on the harbor. These words are simple but the meaning behind them are worth more than any currency in the world. So for this year I have gone of in search of myself, if I get back before I return, keep me here!

My goals:
1. P90X – I want to get back into shape better than any shape I was in my 30 years of life.
2. A prayer for the journey – a small prayer book that I will read for each day of 2011.
3. Days most interesting a 365 project – This will be my 3rd year of doing a 365 photo project first was the self portrait 2008 and second was a people portrait project 2009.
4. Live my life based on positive cash flow for my future.
5. Travel the world taking pictures to make people happy.

Happy new year from Sydney!

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