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Mango Butter

Written By: Kaloy - Jan• 04•11

Its_MG_2605 what you get when you combine fresh mango straight from the tree and butter. One of the main products of McGuigan’s wines is a mango-flavored butter. It’s sweet and flavorful but not as sweet as mango spread. The main difference from a spread is that this one has egg and dairy included in the mixture, thus classifying it as a butter than a spread. The butter goes well with a variety of breads and crackers, a slice of cheese and a good bottle of wine. I Got this bottle after visiting a winery in hunter valley while trying some samples for my palette to enjoy, and enjoy I did! The taste is quite sweet for a butter close to a spread, the taste of mango burst out as soon as it touches your tongue, then you are rewarded by the smooth taste of the butter. I have yet to try this out on some cooking as a substitute for some real butter, maybe when I get a chance to cook some fish for the week. I’m sure that will be a change of pace.

cost is about $12.75 AUD

bought in McGuigan’s wines Hunter Valley NSW

Ingredients are:

Sugar, Wheat, glucose , egg, mango, butter, citric acid, salt, turmeric (food coloring)

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