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My “Ls”

Written By: Kaloy - Jan• 05•11

Ls_MG_2609 or Learners license are the first step in driving here down under. Usually kids of the age of 17 are eligible to attain this kind of license and be able to drive a motor vehicle on Australian roads as long as they are accompanied by an experienced full licensed driver. I just got my Ls today because I FAILED my driving exams.

Yup you got it! I failed it! In the words of my driving assessor… “you did quite well in all aspects of the test EXCEPT looking over your blind spots”. The moment he said that I just could not believe that I failed my test by a mere 3 points! This truly is a humbling experience… As you know I come from a country that the road signs and rules are just guidelines and speed limits are well… display signs for political posters along the roads.

The RTA or road and transportation authority of Australia allows a permanent resident 3 months upon entry to the country to drive on the roads using his overseas driver’s license.  After w/c you are required to attain an Australian drivers license to continue driving in Australia.

I passed my knowledge test but failed my practicals so as a result I was given a Learner’s license instead of a full one. That means that I can’t drive alone and not faster than 80 km/h. It’s like being grounded by the state hehe! Now all I have to do is retake the practical examinations and pass it the second time around. Doing so will grant me a full license, unfortunately that schedule is around mid February… till then I just have use my bike to get around.

Here are some tips on Passing the test. For those that are still going to take it.

1. When you are making a turn even in changing lanes you make a signal.
2. When you change lanes, park or make a turn you should check blind spots regularly!
3. Holding the steering wheel at the 10 and 2 o clock position at all times.
4. Listen to the assessor and follow their instructions to the letter.
5. Take your time, slow down!
6. When in doubt, slow down!
7. When approaching a crest, slow down!
8. When approaching a pedestrian crossing, slow down!
9. When driving, SLOW DOWN!
10. When taking the test, NEVER PANIC!

follow this and just remember to keep an eye on the road and another on your blind spots and you’ll do fine. Now I just have to reschedule another test. I’ve got my fingers crossed and ready to take this as a learning experience.

For more information on driving on Australian roads please visit the RTA

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