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Written By: Kaloy - Jan• 09•11

Disney tangled_posterhas done it again with the introduction of their 10th princess, the heroine in this modern rendition of a timeless tale of a long blond haired girl that has been lock up in a tall tower since her birth dreaming of a time that she would be able to see the world. The tale of Rapunzel.

I grew up watching Disney films, bought the tapes, VHS, CDs, DVDs and now Blue rays of their movies and songs. The usual Saturday drive from Manila to Laguna every week when I was in elementary was filled with music from Disney. My brothers sang along with it while my dad drove along the highway. I have never forgotten the names of the seven dwarfs or how living under the ocean with Ariel would be like or even travelling on a magic carpet in search of a lamp that will grant you three wishes. All was the magic of Disney and to a young kid… dreaming is what makes the people who we are today.

The same can be said for Rapunzel, a child taken from her parents at a very early age by Mother Gothel, for the sole purpose of keeping her hair uncut, granting her eternal youth and healing all her wounds. Rapunzel is her own personal fountain of youth.

The film touches on a deeper meaning as kids will someday grow up, and will often times leave the nest in search for their chosen path. As parents wanting to protect their children from the “harms” of the world, being overly protective is impeding your child to make mistakes, mistakes only life can teach them, in the end you just have to let them go and make the decisions themselves. To all teenagers and teenagers at heart, explore your world and make mistakes, like todays modern woman on her 18th birthday, presented to the world on her debut. Ready to make decisions on her own and face the consequences of each one, Rapunzel’s dream of seeing the lanterns on her birthday with a young heart ready to love and be loved in return. Following your dream and taking all the opportunities that come your way, to attain it. Enjoy the adventure and someday when you do attain your dream… you’ll have a new one waiting in the wings.

I strongly recommend that you watch this movie especially if you have a teenage daughter that you are overly protective about. It might come in handy :)

Voiced by:

Rapunzel ————– Mandi Moore
Flyn Rider————–Zachary Levy
Mother Gothel———Donna Murphy

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