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Salmon Sashimi Over Yellow Rice

Written By: Kaloy - Jan• 12•11

It’s _MG_2682 Wednesday here in Australia and that means the menu for the day is anything seafood, since my aunt assigned me the kitchen every time fish will be served… I would get my cooking knives out and start the oven. But since i have yet to have sushi for this year my pallet craves the tender goodness of fresh fish, lucky me… main ingredient for the night is some fresh Tasmanian Salmon.

The ingredients:
1/2 half fresh salmon
1 cup cooked rice
1 egg
1 table spoon of feta cheese

1. Cook the rice in a rice cooker until the rice is done.
2. Cut the Salmon into Sashimi strips careful to remove the Salmon’s bones first as well as the skin.
3. While the rice is still hot, mix the cheese until it melts.
4. Crack open the egg and mix it together with the rice util you get that golden color.
5. Place Salmon sashimi on top of the rice as toppings.
6. Serve with the optional Kikoman and wasabi souce.

Serves 3-5 people depending on how big the salmon is :)

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