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Modern Warfare 2

Written By: Kaloy - Jan• 14•11

I modern_warfare_2_ps3thought I might visit my cousins next door for some games over the net or a movie that we could watch. but right nest to the DVDs was a Blueray disk of PS3 Modern Warfare 2! Movie plans got scrubs and everything got canceled as I parked my but in the couch and played.

I am a great fan of tactics and first person shooters, but playing on console games used to be my life when i was in high school. I was not really that good at it but it did burn most of my time. I enjoy it and it was a great stress reliever for me that I could still play :)

The game is a first person shooter based on a fictional scenario were Russia invades the US over us citizens killing Russian nationals on an Airport. It’s up to you to stop them and maybe prevent WW3. Using the latest in modern war technology you use guns, robots and tactics to beat the terrorist at their own game. Well enough said if you need me i’ll be rescuing some civilians and killing some bad guys.

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