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My Dear Darla

Written By: Kaloy - Jan• 15•11

Ever _MG_2694since I got here in Australia I was not able to get a single piece of great pizza, and feeling a little home sick I decided to make my own. Gathering the necessary requirements for this little slice of heaven was not an easy matter. I had to make a few changes to the ingredients and looking for some required a long time researching what they called it here. Good thing I got all the ingredients and now I’m off cooking!

There are somethings that I really miss coming here, one of course is the food and the rest are the culture. Moving on. Its still best to get some comfort food every once in a while, and deciding to have the best darn pizza I could eat was a bit disappointing since I wanted to get a good old fissioned Dear Darla pizza from yellow cab.

First of all there is no yellow cab here down under and second… the nearest one is a few thousand kilometers north in Manila Philippines. So the next best thing is of course to just make it here in Australia. After a long time gathering ingredients this is what I came up with.

2 Pizza dough thin crust ( you can get this ready made from the shopping centers)
1 Can Pizza sauce (plain or with spice you decide)
1/2 bag mozzarella cheese
20 slices of Hungarian Salami
1 fresh onions diced
1 Caned sliced pineapple
1 bottle anchovies
1 serving Alfalfa sprouts
1 serving Arugula ( they call it Rockets )

Making pizza is very easy… you just put the pizza sauce on the dough and evenly pour it in, then add all the toppings a layer at a time with the cheese being the last. Place into the oven for 20min at 250 degrees Celsius.

The serving:
Cut the pizza into strips and lines ( horizontal slices with one vertical slice on the middle ), then place a generous serving of Alfalfa sprouts and Arugula leaves on top. Then ROLL the pizza! Ergo… My Dear Darla.

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