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Written By: Kaloy - Jan• 18•11

The_MG_2715 famous Philippine sausage is known the world over care of the different Filipinos that have migrated to other countries. It has been a favorite of many and a great breakfast meal to boot. But what is the Longanisa’s secret? What is in the mix that makes it so yummy that you could always want to have seconds?

The thing about the longanisa is that each province in the Philippine islands has a unique mix of ingredients and cooking styles. Though every Filipino has tasted longanisa at one time in his life or another there are so many varieties that you could could not eat it all in one lifetime! Some of the best known sausages carry the name of their respective provinces they each have a different taste to them. One example is the Longanisa de Pampanga w/c is sweet and juicy. The longanisa of Tugegarao is oily, spicy and a little salty, the longanisa of Cebu is eaten after roasting over a charcoal grill and made to be eaten BBQ style! Though they may be different they still have the same basic ingredients PORK. The longanisa that I created is a little bit of an experiment… remembering that the recipe changes and it all depends on the location and since I’m here in Australia… well… hope you guys like it :)

1 kg Ground Pork
1/4 Cup Brown sugar
1 Tblspn Salt
1 Tblspn Worcestershire sauce
3 tblspn soy sauce
2 heads of garlic minced
1/2 tblspn black pepper
10 slices Salami (Hungarian HOT)
dash of Rosemary leaves
3 tblespn balsamic vinegar
2 tblespn breadcrumbs


_MG_2720Mix everything together and set it inside the refrigerator overnight just to make sure that the ingredients are marinated correctly. After setting take small mixtures of loganisa and roll it into desired sausage shape (you may use a sausage maker for this one or roll it manually). Fry the sausage over oil and serve. Sometimes its better served with 2 scrambled eggs over rice.

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