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Soya Milk

Written By: Kaloy - Jan• 21•11

Made _MG_2732up of Soy instead of dairy products it has the came amount of protein but less carbs.

I’ve always had sot for breakfast instead of milk for one thing my tummy is dairy sensitive and a second is that I love the taste of soy. I miss my early am Taho in the islands witch is a mixture of soy, syrup, and sago. Its part of my breakfast that to me is better than coffee. I have yet to see it here in Australia. For now soy milk will have to suffice. A good source of protein for those dairy challenged people :)

This brand comes in 3 flavors that is great! I strongly recommend tasting the Pandan flavored one first witch is soy with a good infusion of pandan leaves perfect for the beginner. Another is the plain one with sugar that just taste like soy, this is a little sweet so it’s not good for the diabetics. The final one is that I feel should not be given to people that have not have soy milk is the unsweetened version, this just taste just like cardboard. you can buy these from your local grocery shops all over town but the best place to get it is in the Chinese stores on your area.

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