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Written By: Kaloy - Jan• 25•11

Australia _MG_2737has one of the most complex and up to date train system in the world. Though the trains are not built as fast as the ones in Japan they provide each major city in Australia a good means of transportation around the metro and it’s surrounding suburbs.
Riding the Train to Blacktown takes around 1 hour 39 min from Hurstville. The route takes you trough the suburbs of south Sydney and into the western path of the city limits. All Trains pass trough Central and there are a total of 9 lines in all each bisecting the different locations of Sydney. Today I take the Airport line to Central and then the western line trough Blacktown. _MG_2739There are 3 types of trains running this line each were made a few years apart. One does not have air condition until the latest one that looks sleek and modern. All still run the tracks. The special part of this rail is that you do have to pay for a pass on the station, you need to pay a little bit more for a round trip but you can use the ticket until 4 am the following day. if not you can always go for a one way trip. for a lesser fee.

The best thing I love about the Sydney metro lines is that you can take your bike on the train like a roll on and roll off setting. doing so nets me some great exercise along the way. Just make sure that you remember the train schedules and the schedules of track work on your local lines. During these time buses replace general train schedule so you do not get late to your appointment.

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