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Written By: Kaloy - Mar• 16•11

Finally Voodoo Sunset 003after a long time longing to see the sunset over here on the east coast of Australia. I get to bask in the final rays of sunshine on a spot that was just a few minutes away from my new home in Sydney.

Living in Manila for a quarter of my life I got used to watching the sunset over the ocean, bright, gold and magical. Some people prefer the sunrise because it signifies the start of a new day. While I prefer the sunset hands down. for mainly two reasons… first is that I DO NOT WANT to wake up early to see it and second, I love the moment of reflection that a sunset just brings. for me its the time that I spend on a reflection on what I did for the day, a time that I look into myself and thank God for giving me the strength for the day, Setting my mind for the day that is to come.

Sadly… you never get a good sunset living on the east coast! Usually its over some buildings covered by the haze of the cities smog and fumes. Discovering this place was a bit of an accident. Voodoo is the name of the a small southernly tipped beach front along Kurnell Park. Known only to the local surfers, the stunning beauty of Voodoo is preserved by high rocks and strong surf accessible only to the most adventurous of hearts.

Diving can be done in the area, however be warned as there is only one entry and exit to the beach that you have to time between waves and surge. This is place is not for beginner divers! Under the waves the ocean calms down, the kelp forest opens up and you are swimming into a forest of kelp. Large blue groupers will great you as you go under, going in and out of the rock formations and a small cave is all part of this 40ft / 15m dive.

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