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Diving the Japanese Imperial Navy

It 106is the 24th day of September 1944, the world is at war. A soft breeze blows west ward, moving the waves across the bow of the many ships docked on the calm waters of Coron Bay. Seamen clean their guns in the morning light filling them with ammunition and oil. Some crew participate in the predawn calisthenics while others prepare for a meal to start the day, all under the flag of the Japanese imperial navy.

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Twin Lagoon

Two 805jointed lakes connected to the ocean by a tunnel trough a limestone wall is the best description to the twin lagoon. Just like joined twins this artery is the lake’s lifeline and source of life for all the organisms in the area. There is a fine film of fresh water over the much salty ocean water.

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Barracuda Lake

Barracuda 178Lake is the second lake that is open to tourist by the Tagbanua people. This lake has an entrance fee of P100.00 per person and is rightly named due to the resident Barracuda that lives in the waters. The lake is pretty large so you won’t likely be going face to face with the fabled guardian of the lake. The best part of the lake is that the lake waters are crystal clear. You can even take pictures of the bottom even though you are at the surface.

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Kayangan Lake

The 686lake of Kayangan is always the first place were the tour of the island begins. The path to the lake would involve a few steps up and down the mountain. Half way trough the short trek you will see a small cave with an overlooking spot that is famous for the most photographed spot in Coron Island. (This is the main picture in Coron 1 of 3). Going down from the cave the lake beacons you to just jump in! The water is cool and the visibility is magic!!! You can go diving to about 60 ft / 20m and still be able to see the surface.

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Coral Garden

The610 Next destination of the tour is Coral Gardens, one of the best dive and snorkeling spots along the way back to the port of Coron. Once more the slope is quite friendly until a few meters out to see and then it suddenly drops to a deep blue ravine that goes down deep. Divers here can spot many schools of fishes playing along the reef.

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Calumbuyan Island

The 835first island on our family tour. located 2-3 hours away by boat from the port of Coron the island is famous for it’s white sand beaches and great coral cover on the east side of the island. The snorkeling is world class as the fishes are not afraid of people. You need to pay for an entrance fee of P100.00 per person before you can dock as as most of the islands in the Coron chain are privately owned by the Tagbanua people, who consider these lands ancestral and tribal domains. The water is clear almost every time of the year. Please be warned though that the water current is quite strong in this area and maybe a hazard to none swimmers. Sticking to the beach is very much advised.

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Diver’s Sanctuary

Heading _MG_0224_eoff to Diver’s Sanctuary is a 3 hour ride by private car or van via the South Luzon Express Way (SLEX). Exiting out to the Santa Rosa Exit and turning RIGHT to the highway going up to Tagaytay, Turn RIGHT at the end of the road when you see the majestic Taal Volcano. Make a LEFT at the Tagaytay Rotunda and move along the highway. Your next LEFT will be about 20km along the way just right after the San Miguel rest house on your left, but before the Petron Gas station which is also on your left. This is the mountain road going to the town of Lemery. Drive on it till you reach the very end and turn LEFT on the main intersection to the Batangas provincial road. You will hit Lemery in a few minutes. Traffic permitting, take the RIGHTMOST ROAD to enter the town, upon entering you would have to drive to the very edge of the main road to another intersection this is where you will turn right, just after the bridge. Take the LEFTMOST ROAD by the church in the middle if the street this will lead you to a small guard house at the middle of the road at the very end of the road with rice fields along each side of the street. This is your marker to turn RIGHT. It’s also advisable to go down here and buy lots of bread from the local bakery; you will use this as fish food for the fishes later in your trip so buy lots of it J. The end of the road will be marked by a gym on your right and a church on your left. Turn LEFT here. You will notice that the roads will be getting smaller; you are on the right track! Driving along this service road you will be greeted by local fishermen and children all playing in the roads or in the sea. Here to your RIGHT you will find the entrance to the parking area of Diver’s Sanctuary. Your cars are safe here with 24 hour surveillance. Just park them properly so that you don’t block anyone suddenly leaving or arriving from the resort.

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