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Manly Dam

The _MG_2649area that we now know today as Manly Dam was part of Aboriginal culture housing many native food sites, rock engravings and other archeological finds. This site has been a gathering of native Australians even before the time since the first Europeans has ever set foot on Australia.

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There Anawangin 09 154are a few remaining OMG moments left for me… as I have been around the country looking for perfect beaches and places where you can get back to nature and rough it out in the wild outdoors w/o the convenience of a cell signal or the feel of city. I would never have thought I would have one of those moments here in Zambales!

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Barangay Pundaquit

At Pundaquit 479the very end of the road does not usually mean a dead end… In this case the end of the road is the beginning of a grand adventure! This is where Barangay Pundaquit is located. This is the jump off point to all sites located in the area.

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Maquinit Hot Springs

It736_e is always fun to push back and relax. And there is no way better than to go and relax by a hot water spring under a full moon night. The water is soothing to the senses with a constant temperature of 33 C – 34 C. Maquinit hot springs would usually take a P300.00 tricycle ride from the town of Coron and would take about 30 min to get to the site.

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Mt. Tapyas

All 601it takes is 776 steps to reach the top of Mt. Tapyas, where a cross overlooks a breath taking view of Coron Island as well as the different islands along the peninsula. This is also a famous date place where you can view the best sunrise and sunsets the island has to offer.

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Mt. San Miguel, Bataan

Organized Mt. San Miguel 108as a fund raiser by rig master, coordinator and founder of Spunky Riggers Philippines Jun Garcia, a group of 40 individuals took the challenge in participating on the first ever Mt. San Miguel rappelling challenge at Barangay Sisiman, Bataan. This place is known for the Sisiman lighthouse which is featured in local TV series such as Denis Trillio’s Gagambino and Angel Locsin’s “Lobo”. More photographers come here for the view rather than mountain climbers. But just recently the rock face is a prime site for us riggers to practice our skills and you can admit the view is quite impressive, Jun comments. Jun has 10 years of experience in rigging around the Philippines and has trained numerous riggers in the art of ropemanship.

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Over Bukidnon the Christmas break and through the New Year, I was given the honor of spending some time in my girlfriend’s home town of Bukidnon. This province is located in the heart of Mindanao, Philippines. A region that is known for some bad press and rebels is completely untrue. Holding places of beauty that some tourist are afraid to travel due to above mentioned circumstances. But here are some of the best forest and nature reserves that are preserved for us to enjoy.

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