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PPT Ties the Knot

PPT  is finally getting married and to celebrate this great news I have linked a site just for me and Roxy. you can follow the new developments on our Roxy and Kaloy Page.

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On the foot of mount Mayon lies a small hill overlooking the entire Legazpi – Daraga area a cool sea breeze moves the leaves of the Indian trees standing guard on the boarders of the cemetery’s edges. It’s a clear sunny day today toped only by the occasional passing rain cloud. it’s like this always in Forest Lake. Here [...]

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“Disaster Busters”

“We IMG_0694Came, we saw, we saved!” These are the words that would emphasize the very meaning of our Training batch, amongst the roar of the typhoon and the constant rains over the week, we strive to complete our course. Different people with different backgrounds now only have one reason that binds us to the core, Red blood ever flowing, full of life and hope. We are “Disaster Busters!” Quezon City chapter!

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The Past Revisited

There _MG_9801_eare some things that define a decade, from the technology that’s available to the masses, the trends that people do to the clothes we ware. These are the things that define a generation. The Philippine Saya was one of these iconic symbols of the turn of the century. It was a great show of wealth and status to wear one of these clothes. Only the elite could posses the capability to wear it with style. Remembering the past and would always be the definition of who we are today and in doing so shapes our future.

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A Tribute to All Fathers

“I’m267_e so sorry sir… but your sons would only have 48 hours to live…” the harsh reality of the situation now dawns on to Ricardo “Ric” Nelmida were just moments ago had his wife Annette brought to the hospital for a premature delivery. The doctor’s words were simple but harsh… every syllable seamed to hit home. Time seamed to stop and mixed with both joy and worry. Joy because his wife had delivered twin sons and worry, because they would not even survive the next few hours inside the incubator.

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Peace Vase

In _MG_0309_e1991 the peace vase project was born. 6200 small little yellow vase were created by the Dalai Lama of Tibet. These vases would contain prayers, special herbs and blessed in the holiest of ceremonies all in the purpose of placing them around the globe in the most war torn and pristine sites around the globe. Not to be left out the Filipino people was given several peace vases to be placed around the country. One of w/c our team from Bluewater inc. was given the chance to deploy of the coast of Batangas near Ligpo point, beside Diver’s Sanctuary.

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Island Hoping Coron

The 301_edays blend into one another and time looses all meaning in this perpetual holiday. Taking the time and effort to visit the fresh water lakes of the island of Coron gives contrast to the vastness of the open ocean. You need to take a boat ride from the port of Coron to the island of Coron. The boat ride will only take you about 30 minutes to get there.

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Sta Anna

The _MG_2837sleepy town of Sta Anna only houses a few attractions, aside from this being the jump off point to the virgin island of Palaui they also hold the port that caters to the northern most province on the mainland of the Philippines, Port Irene. The beaches may be great and the local wildlife is still around but there is one place that makes this town a place that you must come and visit, located at the very tip of the Philippine Islands North Eastern peninsula of Luzon. Santa Anna is the last town at the very end of the highway. The place is a favourite beach spot for the people in Cagayan Valley, divers, bird watches and tourist alike come to Santa Anna to enjoy nature.

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Mt. San Miguel, Bataan

Organized Mt. San Miguel 108as a fund raiser by rig master, coordinator and founder of Spunky Riggers Philippines Jun Garcia, a group of 40 individuals took the challenge in participating on the first ever Mt. San Miguel rappelling challenge at Barangay Sisiman, Bataan. This place is known for the Sisiman lighthouse which is featured in local TV series such as Denis Trillio’s Gagambino and Angel Locsin’s “Lobo”. More photographers come here for the view rather than mountain climbers. But just recently the rock face is a prime site for us riggers to practice our skills and you can admit the view is quite impressive, Jun comments. Jun has 10 years of experience in rigging around the Philippines and has trained numerous riggers in the art of ropemanship.

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Body Art with Cha Reyes

It’s _MG_9366FINALLY MARCH!!! Students of all levels are in their final moments, feeling the pressure of reviewing for their final exams and striving to get it through one more year of studies, hoping to go on to the next level into their continued education. Each year, there is a select few that prepares even more. More so because they should very well look their best for their graduation pictures! This year my cousin Thea requested me to come up with her creative picture for her Batch 2006′s yearbook. With a canceled trip out of town and the sudden availability of Cha, a well renowned face and body artist for GMA 7, made me realize that this is what fate has in store for me this weekend :)

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