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A Tribute to All Fathers

“I’m267_e so sorry sir… but your sons would only have 48 hours to live…” the harsh reality of the situation now dawns on to Ricardo “Ric” Nelmida were just moments ago had his wife Annette brought to the hospital for a premature delivery. The doctor’s words were simple but harsh… every syllable seamed to hit home. Time seamed to stop and mixed with both joy and worry. Joy because his wife had delivered twin sons and worry, because they would not even survive the next few hours inside the incubator.

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Diving the Japanese Imperial Navy

It 106is the 24th day of September 1944, the world is at war. A soft breeze blows west ward, moving the waves across the bow of the many ships docked on the calm waters of Coron Bay. Seamen clean their guns in the morning light filling them with ammunition and oil. Some crew participate in the predawn calisthenics while others prepare for a meal to start the day, all under the flag of the Japanese imperial navy.

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Island Hoping Coron

The 301_edays blend into one another and time looses all meaning in this perpetual holiday. Taking the time and effort to visit the fresh water lakes of the island of Coron gives contrast to the vastness of the open ocean. You need to take a boat ride from the port of Coron to the island of Coron. The boat ride will only take you about 30 minutes to get there.

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The Island of Coron

The096_e island of Coron is one of the most visited tourist attractions in the Philippine island chains. This is located at the northern tip of Palawan. Getting here is just 30 minutes flight from the capital city of Manila along 3 local flights, Cebu Pacific, PAL and Air Philippines. Try to get your camera out from your bag and get a window seat at the back of the wing the aerial shots of the islands are not to be missed!

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Aliwan Festival 2010

For 7778 years in a row the Manila Broadcasting Company (MBC) has hosted the Aliwan Festival near their base of operations in the Cultural Complex of the Philippines (CCP). Aliwan is a celebration, showcasing the numerous festivals around the country.

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Firefly Brigade 2010

Every Fireflies Run  2010 26year the tour of the fireflies has run the busy streets of the countries major cities all for the sole concept of reducing carbon emissions around the islands. Bike for clean air and health. This year they have an additional theme; “I Bike to vote”. Were after 6 years of waiting for change the Filipino people have once again have the chance to make a difference. By placing their votes to paper and pen for the next president that will govern the country for the next 6 years. Many are first time voters and all are new to the new computerized system that will be implemented on May 10.

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Bisita Iglesia

During Bisita EglesiaHoly week, Filipinos have a tradition to visit 7 different churches and pray on each station of the cross for forgiveness of our sins. This year’s bisita iglesia was held during our road trip along the Maharlika highway.

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Luzon’s Northern Loop

This Maharlika Highwayyear, the holy week came in early, covering the dates of March 28 – April 3, with the legal holidays lasting from April 1-3 everyone in the Philippine islands is setting up for the longest paid holiday of the year since Christmas. Not to be left out or left inside the Metro, Photo buddies Rman and Ryan Nepomoceno invited me over to brave the long lines of traffic from all the weekend travelers going out of the city to the provinces. Tracing the Maharlika Highway’s Northern Luzon loop Rman, Ryan and I drove 500 km north to our first stop over, the capital of Cagayan Valley, Tuguegarao city.

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Mt. San Miguel, Bataan

Organized Mt. San Miguel 108as a fund raiser by rig master, coordinator and founder of Spunky Riggers Philippines Jun Garcia, a group of 40 individuals took the challenge in participating on the first ever Mt. San Miguel rappelling challenge at Barangay Sisiman, Bataan. This place is known for the Sisiman lighthouse which is featured in local TV series such as Denis Trillio’s Gagambino and Angel Locsin’s “Lobo”. More photographers come here for the view rather than mountain climbers. But just recently the rock face is a prime site for us riggers to practice our skills and you can admit the view is quite impressive, Jun comments. Jun has 10 years of experience in rigging around the Philippines and has trained numerous riggers in the art of ropemanship.

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OffCheckout 0909 063 the coast of Balayan Bay, near the boarders of Bauan and San Luis Batangas lies a modest resort situated at the tip of what cartographers call Ligpo point. This is a place with great history especially for the seasonal visitors that come over twice a year headed by none other than Sir Louie Mencias a well renowned NAUI dive Instructor, present chairman of the Philippine Commission on Sports SCUBA Diving and head instructor of the two university based skin diving classes from both the University of the Philippines and the Ateneo De Manila University.

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