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The Night Market

The Seoul, South Korea 127night does not stop the trade of goods, clothes and a great time at Dongdaemun Market, busy day time shoppers are replaced with the night time bargainers and side street vendors.

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Namdaemun market

Namdaemun Seoul, South Korea 123market is one of the cheapest places you buy anything. This market houses both a street level scene and an underground market that is used for the long winter months.

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IfSeoul, South Korea 163 you want to go for shopping for souvenirs, trinkets and eat delicious Korean cuisine then this is the palace for you! Anguk station access the Jongno-Gu district and is the best place to fill your shopping needs.

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Cheonggyecheon Stream

ASeoul, South Korea 130 man made stream built in the Joseon Dynasty some 700 years ago by the emperor of Korea to foster good Feng Shui trough out his kingdom. It continuously flows from west trough east across Seoul bisecting the city for 6km. The stream however was damaged and filled up during 1968 an elevated highway was built over the steam to cover up the smell and the filth that the stream was taking.

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Seoul Tower

ThisSeoul, South Korea 018 used to be one of the highest buildings in Asia till the PETRONAS Towers and Taipei 101, Seoul north tower was primarily built as a communication and observation tower located on top of Namsan Mountain. The location is well suited for a panoramic view of Seoul, were the lights of the city are seen in their entire splendour.

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Buddhist temples

The Seoul, South Korea 043primary religion of Korea is Buddhism, Christianity has just recently come into the scene, and you may feel that there are a lot of crosses around the vicinity of the city but these are not designated Christian churches, these are created by the citizens with grants from the government.

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Gyeongbokgung Palace

AsSeoul, South Korea 080 with Changdeokgung, Gyeongbokgung does not allow smoking of any kind, you may bring in food and water but these are only eaten in selected areas around the palace. There is however a place to purchase food and drink inside the palace grounds, this is located in the Korean museum next to the main tower.

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Changdeokgung Palace

Built Seoul, South Korea 090 in 1405 this 600 year old palace has endured fires, invasions and natural disasters, throughout the centuries. These walls have housed royal dignitaries and the emperor of Korea. Situated along the Peak Maebong of Mt. Bugaksan in the back and Rivulte Geumcheon in the front Changdeokgung Palace was constructed as a secondary palace by emperor Taejong, who said that the location of the new palace has more natural Feng Shui than the first palace at Gyeongbokgung.

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The Seoul of the City

I Seoul, South Korea 104love to travel. Local and foreign lands beckon me to spread my wings and see the world through my own eyes. Recently I have been given the chance to fly to Seoul, South Korea. Another stamp on my passport and another country that I can cross out of my list never hurts, well… except your wallet… that is until I wanted to travel light and stretch my budget to fit 3 days and 3 nights in a land of Kpop. When a ticket sale from Cebu Pacific Air opened up did not give it a second thought and booked my flight for valentines day as early as November ’09. Little did I know that February in Korea would be winter! With the promise of snow and the thrill of making my first ever snowman. The trip to Seoul now made me more exited to travel and visit the county. I’m looking forward to a change of scenery from all the beaches and golden sunsets here in the Philippine Islands. Time to start looking for winter clothes in a tropical island! Wish me luck! xP

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Sinulog Queen 2010

30 _MG_4577 years ago the city of Cebu initiated the Sinulog a festival that was designed to give hope and usher in the year that is to come. Held on the 3rd Sunday of January the festival of the Santo Niño has endured time and has developed into a grand competition that is attended by people the world over. My Dad was born in San Carlos city Negros occidental, being half cebuano I could not resist the invitation my Dad’s relatives gave me when they invited me to participate in the Sinulog. They told me that I could avail of a photographer’s pass that could enable me to go anywhere with in the crowd and take some pictures. You may avail of this from the Sinulog foundation located at the Cebu sports complex. This would include full access to all Sinulog Events! From the Parade itself to front row shooting positions for the Sinulog Festival Queen. This also entitles you to a free T-shirt and an entry to the Sinulog photo contest were you can win as much as P50,000.00! Not bad for P650.00! My first set is the festival queen for 2010. held at the Cebu Sports Complex, with a pre-pageant held at SM cebu.

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