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Salmon Sashimi Over Yellow Rice

It’s _MG_2682 Wednesday here in Australia and that means the menu for the day is anything seafood, since my aunt assigned me the kitchen every time fish will be served… I would get my cooking knives out and start the oven. But since i have yet to have sushi for this year my pallet craves the tender goodness of fresh fish, lucky me… main ingredient for the night is some fresh Tasmanian Salmon.

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Nordictrack C2050

One _MG_2674of my new years resolution if to do a daily workout called P90x. Its grueling and painful at the same time. After 10 days into the program my arms feel like they want to fall off! I would not want to break my workout record so I chose to use the local treadmill for some Cardio and some lower body workout.

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Disney tangled_posterhas done it again with the introduction of their 10th princess, the heroine in this modern rendition of a timeless tale of a long blond haired girl that has been lock up in a tall tower since her birth dreaming of a time that she would be able to see the world. The tale of Rapunzel.

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Manly Dam

The _MG_2649area that we now know today as Manly Dam was part of Aboriginal culture housing many native food sites, rock engravings and other archeological finds. This site has been a gathering of native Australians even before the time since the first Europeans has ever set foot on Australia.

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Shiraz Jam

A _MG_2627fine oaky taste thats fine on the palette and smooth to the taste. Not sweet but acidic, ah the fine flavors of a vintage grape vine made into a fresh bottle of red Shiraz wine. Now imagine that spread over some bread or cookie.

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A _MG_2618rainbow in any other name is still a rainbow a sight for beauty after the rain. Made by the reflection of sunlight passing by drops of rain. This the most perfect rainbow I have a chance to capture :)

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My “Ls”

Ls_MG_2609 or Learners license are the first step in driving here down under. Usually kids of the age of 17 are eligible to attain this kind of license and be able to drive a motor vehicle on Australian roads as long as they are accompanied by an experienced full licensed driver. I just got my Ls today because I FAILED my driving exams.

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Mango Butter

Its_MG_2605 what you get when you combine fresh mango straight from the tree and butter.

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Cash Flow

The Day 3cash flow board game created and distributed by Robert Kiyosaki was gift from one of my friend a few years back. I have placed it down and lost it for some time when my computer was reformatted. After making some new folders for the year I found this amazing digital game tucked away in some folder. I use to love and play now I’m sharing it with my folks.

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Driving Down Under

One _MG_2589of the basic things that you need to learn here in Australia is to get a driving license. Unlike the Philippines islands were the road rules are just guidelines. Here you have to know your basics.

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