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Sta Anna

The _MG_2837sleepy town of Sta Anna only houses a few attractions, aside from this being the jump off point to the virgin island of Palaui they also hold the port that caters to the northern most province on the mainland of the Philippines, Port Irene. The beaches may be great and the local wildlife is still around but there is one place that makes this town a place that you must come and visit, located at the very tip of the Philippine Islands North Eastern peninsula of Luzon. Santa Anna is the last town at the very end of the highway. The place is a favourite beach spot for the people in Cagayan Valley, divers, bird watches and tourist alike come to Santa Anna to enjoy nature.

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TheKampana of Camalaniugan sleepy town of Camalaniugan plays host to the oldest bells in the country that still works, located at the church in the middle of town and just across the Cagayan River. The Bells of Camalaniuganhas stood the test of time. They were placed on the old Spanish church sitting across the Cagayan River edge named after a Polish Saint, San Jacinto de Polonia established one year after Sta Maria was forged on 1596. Time and erosion claimed the original church, now the bells have been placed on a new and modern church that is just a stones throw away from the ruins of the original church made up of bricks, the church still bears the same name as the original. The bells are still functioning and until now have called faithful churchgoers to holy mass every Sunday.

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Callao Caves, Peñablanca Cagayan

A Callao Cavethousand years ago before Magellan was born, destined to discover the Philippines Islands, The Seven Chambers Callao caves was host to the very first Indio’s. The true natives that walked the land bridges of Palawan and Mindanao from the mainland of Asia, these were early man. Over looking the mighty Cagayan river, Callao cave became their home.

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Alcala Candies

Alcala, Alcala Milk CandiesCagayan Valley
Made from fresh Carabao milk, the candies delights a whole generation of Cagayanos since 1930. They still sell it from the same house and located in along the Highway in Alcala. Thanks to the Teaño family, Alcala milk candies are one of the tastiest sweets that you could have for desert. This is something that you just can’t pass up.

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Pitstops and Pasalubong

Food G&B Special Buko Pieclothing and shelter are the three basic needs everyone has to have in order for an individual to function correctly. Naturally you would need a food on a long road trip. Some of the best foods of the region are situated just along the highway.

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St. Dominic Church, Lal-lo

Lal-lo, St. Dominic Church, Lal-loCagayan Valley
St. Dominic stand at the former site of the church of Tocalana during the time were the city of Lal-lo had three parishes One of w/c was the parish of the cathedral that was served by the secular clergy up to 1788. 25 years later the parish of Bagumbayan was established and entrusted to the Dominicans by Bishop Diego De Soria in 1813. All happened when Lal-lo was still better known as Nueva Segovia.

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St. Catherine of Alexandria Parish Church, Gattaran

Gattaran, St. Catherine of Alexandria Parish Church, GattaranCagayan Valley
Built in 1850 St. Catherine of Alexandria Parish stands testament to the ever changing climate of the Philippine Islands. It roof restored to it’s semi former glory after a strong storm blew it all away.

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St. Philomene Church, Alcala

Alcala, St. Philomene Church, AlcalaCagayan Valley
St. Philomene church of Alcala has a modern roof of steel, asside from the fact that the wall of the church is more than a century old. Built in 1881 St. Philomene holds the tittle as Cagayan Valleys’ Widest Church with red brick walls measuring 90m x 30m apart.

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St. James the Apostle Parish church

Iguig,St. James the Apostle Parish church, Iguig Cagayan Valley
The Church of Iguig’s St. James the Apostle was founded and built by Rev. Pedro De San Pedro O.P. on 1765 and completed 22 years later on 1787, 180 years after Rev. Ambrosio De La Madre De Dios O.P. on the 28th of December 1607 founded the town of Iguig. The Church poses three flying buttress located at the back of the church made up of bricks from the piers and stoves of the region.

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Poor Clare Monastery of the Eucharistic Lord

Iguig, Poor Clare Monastery of the Eucharistic Lord, IguigCagayan Valley
The Monastery of Iguig was not really part of our bisita eglesia tour but since the church was along the way we could not pass up the chance to say our prayers and bless our trip for the long journey ahead.

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