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Tuguegarao Cathedral

Tuguegarao, Tuguegarao CathedralCagayan Valley
The Tuguegarao Cathedral stands tall and proud as the biggest church in the Cagayan Valley. Thanks to the Dominicans that visited the region during the 1600. The Cathedral was created by Rev. Antonio Lobato on 1761, with the help of the faithful the church was completed 6 years later in 1767.

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Ruins of San Pablo Church

SanRuins of the Church of Santo Tomas Pablo, Isabela
Known as the Oldest Church in the province of Isabela 210 years before Isabela even became a province. The Curch of San Pablo was erected on 1624 by Padre Santo Tomas. Today, San Pablo is nestled near the Maharlika highway on the path to Cagayan Valley. The church was severely damaged during WWII and has it’s roof already missing…

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Church of Tumauini’s St. Mathias Parish

Tumauini, Church of Tumauini's St. Mathias ParishIsabela
Built in n 1707 by Fray Francisco Nuñez and named after the patron saint of St. Matias. The Church of Tumauini became a regular parish on 1751. The unique cylindrical bell tower was not installed until the 1783 and completed 22 years later in 1805 by Father Domingo Forto.

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Bisita Iglesia

During Bisita EglesiaHoly week, Filipinos have a tradition to visit 7 different churches and pray on each station of the cross for forgiveness of our sins. This year’s bisita iglesia was held during our road trip along the Maharlika highway.

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Luzon’s Northern Loop

This Maharlika Highwayyear, the holy week came in early, covering the dates of March 28 – April 3, with the legal holidays lasting from April 1-3 everyone in the Philippine islands is setting up for the longest paid holiday of the year since Christmas. Not to be left out or left inside the Metro, Photo buddies Rman and Ryan Nepomoceno invited me over to brave the long lines of traffic from all the weekend travelers going out of the city to the provinces. Tracing the Maharlika Highway’s Northern Luzon loop Rman, Ryan and I drove 500 km north to our first stop over, the capital of Cagayan Valley, Tuguegarao city.

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