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“Disaster Busters”

“We IMG_0694Came, we saw, we saved!” These are the words that would emphasize the very meaning of our Training batch, amongst the roar of the typhoon and the constant rains over the week, we strive to complete our course. Different people with different backgrounds now only have one reason that binds us to the core, Red blood ever flowing, full of life and hope. We are “Disaster Busters!” Quezon City chapter!

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A Tribute to All Fathers

“I’m267_e so sorry sir… but your sons would only have 48 hours to live…” the harsh reality of the situation now dawns on to Ricardo “Ric” Nelmida were just moments ago had his wife Annette brought to the hospital for a premature delivery. The doctor’s words were simple but harsh… every syllable seamed to hit home. Time seamed to stop and mixed with both joy and worry. Joy because his wife had delivered twin sons and worry, because they would not even survive the next few hours inside the incubator.

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Aliwan Festival 2010

For 7778 years in a row the Manila Broadcasting Company (MBC) has hosted the Aliwan Festival near their base of operations in the Cultural Complex of the Philippines (CCP). Aliwan is a celebration, showcasing the numerous festivals around the country.

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Firefly Brigade 2010

Every Fireflies Run  2010 26year the tour of the fireflies has run the busy streets of the countries major cities all for the sole concept of reducing carbon emissions around the islands. Bike for clean air and health. This year they have an additional theme; “I Bike to vote”. Were after 6 years of waiting for change the Filipino people have once again have the chance to make a difference. By placing their votes to paper and pen for the next president that will govern the country for the next 6 years. Many are first time voters and all are new to the new computerized system that will be implemented on May 10.

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Fire in the Sky

The _MG_0119night sky comes alive as participants from around the globe travel to Mall of Asia (MOA) the Philippine Islands biggest mall! Every Sunday starting from Feb 14 to March 14, 2010, two countries will light up the sky with their skills with fire and music. As this year there is one different theme… The Fireworks display should be dancing together with music for the performance. The culminating event will be presented at March 14, 2010.

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Body Art with Cha Reyes

It’s _MG_9366FINALLY MARCH!!! Students of all levels are in their final moments, feeling the pressure of reviewing for their final exams and striving to get it through one more year of studies, hoping to go on to the next level into their continued education. Each year, there is a select few that prepares even more. More so because they should very well look their best for their graduation pictures! This year my cousin Thea requested me to come up with her creative picture for her Batch 2006′s yearbook. With a canceled trip out of town and the sudden availability of Cha, a well renowned face and body artist for GMA 7, made me realize that this is what fate has in store for me this weekend :)

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Tuna Run

This Runrio '10 23year’s Runrio Century tuna Superbods run was held at the Fort, Makati City Feb 21, 2010. Sponsored by Century Tuna more than 11,000 participants joined the event and a thousand more runners were kept on the waiting list to join the Marathon. There are 4 categories to choose from 3KM (Blue), 5KM (Red), 10KM (Green) and 21KM (Yellow).

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