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Maquinit Hot Springs

It736_e is always fun to push back and relax. And there is no way better than to go and relax by a hot water spring under a full moon night. The water is soothing to the senses with a constant temperature of 33 C – 34 C. Maquinit hot springs would usually take a P300.00 tricycle ride from the town of Coron and would take about 30 min to get to the site.

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Siete Picados

Seven 678peeks named after the seven daughters of one of the leaders of the island Coron is seen jutting up from the depths of the ocean floor making a small scale caldera. Now this place is protected by the local barangay as a Marine Protected Area (MPA). This is now one of the best dive spots in the area.

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Skeleton Wreck

Coron 075Island
50 ft / 15 mt
Another gunboat that is reachable by snorkelling. All you will see are the ribs of the ship that once served as both Kamikaze boats and anti air gun boats for the Japanese Imperial Navy. Since the wreck is found along the Coast of Coron Island you will have to pay the caretaker P100.00 per person to dive the wreck.

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Lusong Wreck

Lusong 628Sound
30 ft / 10 mt
Lusong wreck is one unnamed gunboat, which rest on a shallow reef at the edge of Lusong sound were it was named after. The wreck is shallow enough to snorkel on a single breath as parts of the hull are exposed during low tide. The surrounding coral reef however is around 40 ft / 12 mt.

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Kogyo Maru

Lusong 096Sound
80 ft / 24 mt
The Kogyo maru once was a cargo vessel for the Japanese Imperial Navy, carrying spare parts and equipments to support the war effort. She now lies on her port side along the sandy bottom of Lusong sound. Kogyo is quite easy to dive and fun to explore.

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Irako Maru

Lusong 063Sound
120 ft /40 mt
The mighty ship of the the Irako is not for the basic diver, the depth she is resting is deep! Beware of Nitrogen narcosis and disorientation, the top is around 60 ft / 18mt from the surface. You descend from the anchor line of your boat to reach this point. From there you make your way down the mast to the opening that once covered the decks. This is around 100 ft / 30 mt of water.

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Diving the Japanese Imperial Navy

It 106is the 24th day of September 1944, the world is at war. A soft breeze blows west ward, moving the waves across the bow of the many ships docked on the calm waters of Coron Bay. Seamen clean their guns in the morning light filling them with ammunition and oil. Some crew participate in the predawn calisthenics while others prepare for a meal to start the day, all under the flag of the Japanese imperial navy.

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Malacapuya Island

Like 480_ethe island of Calumbuyan the islan of Malacapuya is privately owned and you do need to pay a P100.00 entrance fee per person just to dock in the island. The island host fine white sand and is just around 2-3 hours away by boat from the port of Coron. A small basketball court is located near the beach. All you need to do now is just bum around and sleep all day doing the island life.

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Mt. Tapyas

All 601it takes is 776 steps to reach the top of Mt. Tapyas, where a cross overlooks a breath taking view of Coron Island as well as the different islands along the peninsula. This is also a famous date place where you can view the best sunrise and sunsets the island has to offer.

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Twin Lagoon

Two 805jointed lakes connected to the ocean by a tunnel trough a limestone wall is the best description to the twin lagoon. Just like joined twins this artery is the lake’s lifeline and source of life for all the organisms in the area. There is a fine film of fresh water over the much salty ocean water.

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