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Barracuda Lake

Barracuda 178Lake is the second lake that is open to tourist by the Tagbanua people. This lake has an entrance fee of P100.00 per person and is rightly named due to the resident Barracuda that lives in the waters. The lake is pretty large so you won’t likely be going face to face with the fabled guardian of the lake. The best part of the lake is that the lake waters are crystal clear. You can even take pictures of the bottom even though you are at the surface.

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Kayangan Lake

The 686lake of Kayangan is always the first place were the tour of the island begins. The path to the lake would involve a few steps up and down the mountain. Half way trough the short trek you will see a small cave with an overlooking spot that is famous for the most photographed spot in Coron Island. (This is the main picture in Coron 1 of 3). Going down from the cave the lake beacons you to just jump in! The water is cool and the visibility is magic!!! You can go diving to about 60 ft / 20m and still be able to see the surface.

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Island Hoping Coron

The 301_edays blend into one another and time looses all meaning in this perpetual holiday. Taking the time and effort to visit the fresh water lakes of the island of Coron gives contrast to the vastness of the open ocean. You need to take a boat ride from the port of Coron to the island of Coron. The boat ride will only take you about 30 minutes to get there.

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Coral Garden

The610 Next destination of the tour is Coral Gardens, one of the best dive and snorkeling spots along the way back to the port of Coron. Once more the slope is quite friendly until a few meters out to see and then it suddenly drops to a deep blue ravine that goes down deep. Divers here can spot many schools of fishes playing along the reef.

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Calumbuyan Island

The 835first island on our family tour. located 2-3 hours away by boat from the port of Coron the island is famous for it’s white sand beaches and great coral cover on the east side of the island. The snorkeling is world class as the fishes are not afraid of people. You need to pay for an entrance fee of P100.00 per person before you can dock as as most of the islands in the Coron chain are privately owned by the Tagbanua people, who consider these lands ancestral and tribal domains. The water is clear almost every time of the year. Please be warned though that the water current is quite strong in this area and maybe a hazard to none swimmers. Sticking to the beach is very much advised.

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The Island of Coron

The096_e island of Coron is one of the most visited tourist attractions in the Philippine island chains. This is located at the northern tip of Palawan. Getting here is just 30 minutes flight from the capital city of Manila along 3 local flights, Cebu Pacific, PAL and Air Philippines. Try to get your camera out from your bag and get a window seat at the back of the wing the aerial shots of the islands are not to be missed!

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